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Pian digital

Pian digital Hemilton DK-180A Caracteristici 1. 88 clape, claviatura Standard Hammer Action cu ciocanele 2. 138 sunete 3. 100 ritmuri 14 ritmuri pot fi selectate direct de pe panou 4. 1 melodie demo., 99 melodii pentru exersare 5. Inregistrare si Redare 6. Reverb, Chorus, Split, Dual melody off 7. Intrare si Iesire MIDI 8. Adaptor alimentare AC 9. Difuzoare 2 x 25W 10. Dimensiuni 1500 x 670..
Pret 2790 lei
Pian digital portabil 88 Chei de acționare cu ciocan ponderat 20 Sunete 2 melodii demo 50 de stiluri 64 Polifonie vocală LED Mod Layer/ Split/ duo Master EQ Reverb Cor Sequencer: 5 melodii de utilizator - melodie și acompaniament Duet Armonie Biblioteca muzicală: 60 de melodii presetate L- / R-Exerciții de mână stanga/ dreapta Pitch bend Metronom Functie Transpune Difuzoare: 2x 10 W Conexiuni: 2x căști, ieșire MIDI, USB-Midi, Sustain, AUX in / AUX out Dimensiuni (L x Î x H):..
Bancheta pian Thomann KB-15BM Banchetă pian Înălțimea reglabilă (48 - 56 cm) Dimensiune șezut: 55 x 32 cm Șezut tapițat: Catifea neagra Culoare: Negru Finisaj: Mat Sistem de ridicare standard Thomann KB-15MB Este un scaun pentru pian stabil, u?or de manipulat, confec?ionat foarte bine ?i cu finisaje deosebite. Thomann KB-15BM este un scaun pentru pian stabil, ușor de manipulat, confecționat foarte bine și cu finisaje deosebite. Nota: Fotografiile sunt ilustrative...
Korg M3-61 workstation with 61 semi-weighted keys - EDS-synthesis (Enhanced Definition) from HD-1 engine of OASYS: 4 velocity zones per oscillator with switching, crossfades and layers. MT (multi-modeling technology) sound generator can be added by installing the optional EXB-RADIAS. 256Mb ROM, 1,032 multi-samples, 1,606 drum samples. Karma function as OASYS with 2,093 preset GEs. New 'drum track' function with 522 preset patterns and 1,000 user patterns. 'Open sampling' system..
The "Baby Blue" Professional Arranger available at the amateur price For the musician, composer, performer and entertainer, the interactive Pa500 is the perfect musical partner. Like its big brothers - the Pa800 and the Pa2XPro - the Pa500 uses our RX (Real eXperience) technology to deliver a sound unprecedented in an arranger keyboard. With exclusive Korg features such as the XDS Dual Sequencer, intuitive TouchView interface, quarter-tone on-the-fly and..
Song Bank ControllerThe familiar CD player control buttons (stop, play/pause, rewind, fast forward) make handling the song bank a child's play. The on/off buttons for the right and the left hand as well as the button for activating the chord book function are to be found just beside it...
With 61 full-size, touch sensitive keys and an advanced sound chip, the Casio CTK-810 portable keyboard comes closer to experiencing a real piano than you may have thought possible in this price range. Not only that, but the CTK-810 digital piano even helps you learn to play. Casio's 3-Step Lesson System has helped many players come a long way in their dreams to play the piano keyboard...